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Rated superb among clients and peers – thank you!
  • Darlene P.

    Markowitz Law Law did a great job of getting my ticket dismissed. I would definitely use them again and will refer anyone I know that tells me that they got a ticket. Thank you guys!!

  • Ajay M.

    From the moment I got the phone call reminder from the legal assistant to the day I met the attorney for my court date, I felt like I was in great hands.  I will definitley recommend you to everyone.   Thank you for all you have done!

  • Christian R.

    3 tickets in 5 months. All dismissed... very satisfied!  Highly recommend the Markowitz Law Firm!
  • Anisur R.

    This was the first time I had been in court for defending against an accident I allegedly caused. I am glad I picked your firm searching through internet even though I received several mail offers. Yesterday, the attorney who represented me was extremely effective and got my case dismissed. I already have put good words to my colleagues and certainly will seek your firm's assistance in future when I need one.


  • Paul A.

    Thank you to the whole team!

    I appreciate everything!

    A job well done!

  • Richard B.

    100% great job. No complaints.  Staff attorneys and support were fantastic!

  • Robert A.

      I've been using and recommending you guys for years and will continue to do so. Thank you!
  • D. Cole

    You guys did a great job once again and I appreciate the help!!  I have been recommending you to my Houston friends!!

  • J. Young

    Markowitz was superb! Bravo! Bravo!

  • Ronn F.

    I hope that I will not have to see you ever again. But, if I am caught speeding again then I will definitely contact y'all.. I will recommend you to everybody I know.

  • Craig V.

    I have been using Scott and his team since he started his firm.  All I can say is excellent service. Do I need say more?

  • Marcus M.

    Keep up the good work team....

  • N. Jaco

    I was more than pleased, the people that gave y'all a bad review on all those sites must of been idiots and did some serious violations and or had a lot of history on them. I want to thank all the lawyers that helped me and achieved the goal I was aiming for!!

  • M. Parent

    The attorney that helped us was great!!
    I would recommend her and this firm to my family and friends!

  • Vogel A.

    I was very pleased with the professionalism of the office staff and with their excellent and prompt communication.  I called several times with questions and each time the person who answered the phone was able to provide an answer to my question.  The court room attorney was also professional and someone you would want to represent you in a case.  My case was dismissed, so I am very pleased!  Thank you!

  • Novia O.

    Thank you much!  I really appreciate how you guys handle this matter I surely will refer anyone who needs your services.

  • Cecilia

    Markowitz Law Firm is very legit.  I was recomended by a friend and I'm glad y'all represented me.  If anything else in the future,  I will call back for Markowitz Law Firm even though I did not get a chance to meet Markowitz in the court room.   His associate attorney there on his behalf was excellent, and his staff was very helpful before and after the process.  Thank yall so much!!!!
  • M. Davis

    More guidance would be helpful but the lawyer was awesome and extremely nice and got me ticket dismissed 🙂 would have like to have chatted with him more.


  • G. Allan

    Overall I had a great experience. The only improvement I would recommend would be that the client is informed who their attorney will be before the day.b I found I was a little worried as I had no idea what this person looked like and if they were actually in the court. This however was all good in the end and on the day I thought the attorney was fantastic. He came across very well and put me at ease as soon as I spoke with him.

    ~G. Allen

  • Jefferson S.

    Keep doing what your doing. Scott you were awesome!


  • L. Beam

    Thank you so much!! Everyone in the office was very helpful and friendly.   Associate Katie, my attorney, helped reduce my fine significantly and keep the ticket off my driving record! Would recommend again in a heartbeat!! Thank you so much Markowitz Law Firm.

  • D. Vu

    Thank you for getting both of my cases dismissed. My experience with the Markowitz Law Firm has been wonderful.
  • George

    I'm completely satisfied! Great work!

    ~George M

  • Marie P.

    Was worth the money. Thank you, Marie.

  • Justin B.

    Once again you guys did a great job.   Stunning!

  • Jeff N.

    Professional service from the court room attorney and a great outcome for my case, what more could I have asked for! ~Jeff

  • Rebecca B.

    I would not change anything! All of the Markowitz team members are great!!

  • J. Lane

    I really was pleased about all you did and appearing on such a short notice.  I was a little disappointed when my case got dismissed though. I really wanted to hear why the police officer gave me the tickets in the first place!!
  • Hunter ~ May 2015

    Long story short, i was issued a citation i did not agree with at all. I did not want the City of Houston to extort even a penny of my money. I called 5 different attorneys before reaching out to Markowitz Law. The staff there was amazingly professional, understanding, compassionate, quick to respond and follow up with information. They charged WAY less than all the other attorneys (one wanted $300 alone), and agreed with my plight that the ticket was unfair. They walked me through the whole process of getting the ticket dismissed, but without giving me false hope, which was incredibly professional! If you want an attorney who actually cares about their clients, handles business in a quick and professional manner while still being compassionate, then stop reading and hire these guys!

  • Chris H.

    Handled my situation; money well spent.  Very fair and reasonable along the way.  The advise given was "spot on" ..... happened as planned.  Very satisfied with my results.

  • Easton H.

    No suggestions you guys are bad*ss!! Best expierience I have ever had in a court room and I will make sure to refer you to all my friends.
  • Troy N.

    Don't change a thing. Everyone I talked to was polite, friendly, and willing to spend the time to make me comfortable during this process.  ~Troy N.

  • Brian S.

    My wife and I have been using your firm for the past six years - we ALWAYS recommend your firm to friends. ~Brian S.

  • E. Harvey

    The level of communication was excellent - I felt very informed throughout the process and I appreciate that. ~E. Harvey

  • R. Gregory

    Best ticket lawyer I've ever used! The office staff was quick to reply to my initial inquiry and kept me informed of court date change and even sent a reminder a couple days before court day. Court room lawyers were very professional and took time to explain the process before the roll was even called.testimonialslogo2
  • O. Somoye

    My assigned attorney was very informative about the proceeding and what to expect. I really appreciated that.testimonialslogox2

  • Robert G.

    Robert G.

    Best ticket lawyer I've ever used! The office staff was quick to reply to my initial inquiry and kept me informed of court date change and even sent a reminder a couple days before court day. Court room lawyers were very professional and took time to explain the process before the roll was even called.
  • Ana D

    Ana D

    Thanks for making this process as painless as possible.  I am not American, so I really didn't know what to expect.  I was in and out of the courtroom with the ticket dismissed within one hour.  I really liked the fact that we could submit everything electronically and it was really uncomplicated.  However, some people may like some more communication and guidance as to what to expect,  since going to court is kind of a big deal for some people.

  • Boray Y

    Boray Y

    Going to court for a traffic violation is not ideal in any way but the level of service and professionalism from the Law Firm makes it manageable.  Mr. Markowitz is very helpful and gives good advice. He was able to answer my questions and find the best possible solution. The court room attorneys are great because even though the process is time consuming and we have to wait in court, the attorney's do their best to speed up the process. Also if the case goes to trial they work hard to get a favorable outcome and will assist again if it must be reopened. I am satisfied and use Markowitz Law Firm when I have a traffic tickets. Thank you.
  • Chris C

    Chris C

    Since it was my first time going to court, I was a bit nervous about making sure I was able to meet with my attorney.  But after I found out how it worked (pool of attorneys, multiple courtrooms) I understood it would take a bit of time to get things going.  The email I received on what to do when going to court was pretty helpful and put my mind at ease a bit.

  • David G

    David G

    Excellent service.  Great Job! Highly recommend them.

  • Barry B

    Barry B

    Exceeded my expectations for every aspect of this case.  Good teamwork, good job by everyone.  110% Satisfied.  I highly recommend.

  • Tawanna W

    Tawanna W

    Keep doing what you're doing.  No complaints at all.  Very professional from office staff to court attorneys.  Professionalism was not just proper etiquette, but was very evident in attitude, actions and attire.  I will look for no one else when concerning my legal needs, unless advised from Markowitz Law Firm!

  • Jess M

    Jess M

    You guys were the easiest people to ever deal with.  I will be referring everyone I can your way. No doubt.

  • Kathy C

    Kathy C

    I have no complaints, only compliments. Thanks y'all!

  • R Nguyen

    R Nguyen

    Markowitz Law Firm, thank you for the outstanding representation!  I appreciate all that you do and I will definitely refer you.  Until then, thank you and keep up the amazing work.

  • Hector M.

    Hector M.

    Many, many thanks for your efforts

  • Donny I

    Nothing to improve.  This firm handled my case with greatness, confidence and integrity.  I highly recommend this firm for many people.  From their secretary to all attorneys-you guys saved my life


  • Andrew N.

    Andrew N.

    This law firm rocks!

  • Client


    "I was satisfied with Scott and the law firm.  He was straight forward with me from my first conversation with him. I was a little skeptical at first but the result was more than what I had expected. He is good at what he does even though I didn't get to meet him the very first time due to his busy schedule. I highly recommend him to anyone else that is in a little bit of a pickle. Thank You Mr. Markowitz."

  • N. Toledo

    N. Toledo

    Ticket Dismissed

    "I want to thank Markowitz Law Firm for the job that they did for me in court. I was very surprised with the outcome I never thought that I was going to get my ticket dismissed and I was going with the impression of a defeated man.  This is a lesson learned & will carry it with me until I cannot drive any longer.  A million thanks to you, thank you, thank you!"

  • Jeremy


    CDL Moving Violation

    "I have a CDL, so I couldn't afford this ticket on my driving record. I researched and called many lawyers, and Mr. Markowitz was by far the most professional lawyer I spoke to. He knew exactly what he was going to do, and told me his exact plan for me if I hired him. When we got to court, Mr. Markowitz and his team had a plan, and that plan worked. Ticket dismissed!"

  • Manuel M.

    Manuel M.

    I called your office and your secretary very efficiently and pleasantly took my information, sent an email the same day with instructions and the deal was sealed.  Service is the key to success.  Good job and keep up the good work!

  • Teresa G.

    Teresa G.

    Traffic Tickets

    I am a frequent flyer (literally) and I highly recommend The Markowitz Law Firm to anyone with a lead foot like myself.

  • J. Wright

    J. Wright

    Just keep up the good work.  I highly recommend your law firm.

  • A. Hernandez

    A. Hernandez

    Everything was perfect!

  • C. Liu

    C. Liu

    Great job resolving my case!

  • A Very Pleased Client

    A Very Pleased Client

    Traffic Ticket Dismissed

    Got my ticket dismissed! Also, I needed to leave court to pick up my son and the attorney spoke with the Judge and was able to get me two-hour leave. Communicated well. I would hire again in a heartbeat. Thanks

  • Karen G.

    Karen G.

    I am very happy with the services that The Markowitz Law Firm provides.

  • Robert F.

    Robert F.

    The Markowitz Law Firm is very diligent and handles their business well.

  • Marina M.

    Marina M.

    Cannot think of any improvements to the great service The Markowitz Law Firm provides.

  • David R.

    David R.

    I have not had a bad experience with The Markowitz Law Firm.

  • Z. Daniel

    Z. Daniel

    The Markowitz Law Firm are a great bunch of guys who are patient and sympathetic to your needs.

  • Mark H.

    Mark H.

    It was a great relief having Markowitz on my side.  Thanks again for your services.

  • Gregory G.

    Gregory G.

    You do an excellent job.  I appreciate all you have done thus far and I will always recommend you to friends and family.

  • Ryan K.

    Ryan K.

    Cases Dismissed

    Before choosing their team, I searched and called around comparing them to other Houston area traffic defense teams, and decided theirs was both very high quality and also very competitively priced. I was very satisfied with my experience.

  • George


    Speeding Ticket

    I don't know how this attorney and staff know when to reschedule so the ticketing officer does not show up, but they did with my three moving violations. The cost of his services was the best deal I have had in a long time.

  • Kent R.

    Kent R.

    Three Traffic Citations Dismissed

    Thank you so much Markowitz and associates! I had 3 traffic citations which were all thrown out. I could have been in serious trouble with my drivers license. Besides the fact that I live alone and pay expensive child support and medical insurance on my child who lives out of state. I didn't have the money to pay my fines. The help I recieved was most appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Michelle


    Speeding Ticket

    "This firm was extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They even took the time to educate us on the "backstory" of our legal situation before we hired them so that we could help ourselves as much as possible. When we hired them, they immediately started the action necessary to stop what was in progress and get control of the situation. Hopefully, we'll never need their services again once we're past this, but if we do, they will be the firm we hire."

  • Maria


    Traffic Ticket

    The day of my court I was running late. By the time I got there he had already took care of business. Needless to say he was very pleasant and professional.

  • Charles


    Traffic Ticket

    "I have never had an experience with a lawyer like this. He picks up the phone and speaks with you personally (wow!).  Always honest about the possible outcome of your case and strives to do his best.  He is batting a thousand for me."

  • Kate S.

    Kate S.

    Attorney, Criminal Defense

    "I refer all of my speeding/traffic ticket cases to Scott Markowitz. He knows the transportation code backwards and forwards, and is popular with court staff because of his affable personality and commitment to his clients."

  • Kieran


    Car Accident

    "Service-oriented firm. They always answer calls and Scott will call you back himself if you have any questions. He handled two very different cases for us - one in Precinct 4, the other in Houston. Both times the lawyers listened to us and handled our arguments professionally. We were very happy with both outcomes. They know the law and they know the courts."

  • Joey


    Speeding Ticket Dismissed

    "It was my second speeding ticket in three months and I didn't want my insurance rates to go up, so I hired him. My friend is the one who recommended him and I'm glad he did. Ticket was dismissed and he was cheaper than the fine."

  • Ben L.

    Ben L.

    Multiple Traffic Citations

    "Speeding, no front license plate, failure to appear...not too much for Scott to handle! He made it all into a 'non-moving violation' and kept my insurance premiums from increasing. With a new Red Corvette it was well worth it!"

  • Stan J.

    Stan J.

    Traffic Ticket Defense

    "Scott and his staff handled everything for me and the ticket is off my record. He saved me many hours in the process and that is money well spent."

  • Brad


    Traffic Ticket Dismissed

    "Thank you AGAIN, for getting me out of another traffic ticket.Today, you were able to get my traffic ticket dismissed, and I was out of the traffic ticket court house in UNDER 40 Minutes!!! That was great!!"

  • Jason L.

    Jason L.

    Speeding Tickets

    "Over the years I have dealt with a couple attorneys in Houston for traffic violations and never have had the great experience like I had with THE TRAFFIC TICKET MAN! Thanks so much to you and your firm for all your help! There is nothing like driving with a clean slate!"

  • Jawaad


    Suspended Drivers License

    "Mr. Markowitz is awesome! He really does try hard to keep your record clean! I have used him over and over and every-time he helps me. He got my Drivers License unsuspended FAST! I would give him 5 stars!!"

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Scott Markowitz works only in Texas courts, specializing in the Greater Houston area. However, through a network of statewide lawyers, the Markowitz Law Firm is able to handle most cases state-wide.
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(updated July 1, 2014)

Dismissal Rate   96.6 %

Conviction Rate   3.4 %

Dismissal Rate 63.1 % without payment of any fines or court costs (BEST RESULT)

Dismissal Rate 33.5 % by probation, defensive driving or combination of both

Convicted with no points on driving record   3.0% 

Convicted with points on driving record   0.4 % (WORST RESULT)

The “Dismissal Rate” is updated quarterly and illustrates the proportion of traffic ticket and other class C Misdemeanor cases that we have defended that did not result in points, convictions and surcharges.

On average, my clients spend $ 100 to $125 for attorney’s fees for a single violation ticket. However, each case is different. For a better estimate of fees, please contact our office today!
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The Markowitz Law Firm began in 1993 as a ticket defense firm and remains so today. Many law firms offer cheap ticket defense as a mass marketing “loss leader” to uncover more lucrative cases like personal injury lawsuits. Ticket defense becomes a sideline operation and customer service suffers as a result. At The Markowitz Law Firm, you can be certain your case will be treated as the most important case we handle…..and it is!
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Reduce your Surcharges!

Clients come to me all the time with mountains of accummulated DPS surcharges which are those insidious additional penalties that you have to pay AFTER you pay the fine on certain traffic tickets or convictions for DWI.    The program has raised tens of millions of dollars for the State and it does so...