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Why Hire a Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer?


Over the years, I have represented thousands of people in the greater Houston area. Most would admit that they broke the law but protecting their driving records was of paramount concern to them. Can you blame them?

The fines and court costs on most violations hover just under $200.00. Add to that, new Department of Public Safety (DPS) surcharges and a newly established point system, there are now two more compelling reasons why people like you are considering hiring an attorney to fight their tickets.

In no other area of law are legal fees more reasonable and affordable than in the area of traffic ticket defense. Ticket attorneys rely on volume and many, like me, handle many cases per day. This volume allows me to pass the savings on to you. On average, my clients spend $ 100 to $ 125 for lawyer’s fees for a single violation ticket. You are never charged by the hour. All fees are flat rate and I am very accommodating on payment plans.

Hiring a ticket lawyer is like buying insurance. Your decision to enlist the help of an experienced attorney ensures that you get the best possible outcome of your case. Ticket dismissal is my highest priority always! A dismissal of the ticket protects you against insurance rate hikes, DPS fees and surcharges. It also makes for very happy clients! Even if you are required to pay a court fee to obtain a dismissal through probation or other plea bargain agreement, the end result of a clear driving record will justify the expense.

In sum, hiring me will benefit you by:

  • Ensuring the best possible outcome of your ticket.
  • Providing case management for you (resetting court dates, etc)
  • Protecting and defending your legal rights
  • Providing expert analysis of risk/reward considerations when in court
  • In some cases, appearing in court on your behalf
  • Handling all communications with judges, prosecutors and court staff
  • Reducing your overall stress and anxiety about having a ticket
  • And ultimately, protecting your driving record
  • “A Great Driving Record Is No Accident !”™


Last point. The government, which issued you the ticket and threatens you with fines has invested a substantial sum of money hiring lawyers to represent its stake in your case. The only way to put yourself on an even playing field in traffic court is to hire an attorney that represents you! I hope you will seek my counsel.