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Reduce your Surcharges!


Clients come to me all the time with mountains of accummulated DPS surcharges which are those insidious additional penalties that you have to pay AFTER you pay the fine on certain traffic tickets or convictions for DWI.    The program has raised tens of millions of dollars for the State and it does so by threat that if you miss a payment, fall behind or simply don’t pay a surcharge when due, your driver’s license becomes “invalid” on computer systems used by the police.   Thus, as designed, if you get caught driving at a time when the computers say your license is invalid, you may be arrested, issued a citation and, best of all…..if convicted you can look forward to even more (guess?)….surcharges!   Right!

Well, an Indigency /Incentive program has been in place for some time but rarely advertised.    Now, I bring it to your attention.    If you qualify, you may be entitled to BIG reductions of 50% to 90% of your outstanding surcharges.  Check it out here at


Keep in mind that the best way to avoid a surcharge is to avoid a conviction.  The best way to avoid a conviction is to call The Markowitz Law Firm BEFORE you pay a ticket!