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Mom just got her first ticket! What about you?


Got a ticket recently? Not a surprise to me.

I am seeing experienced drivers, especially in the City of Houston and other locales, who are receiving their first tickets ever! Even my dear Mother got a ticket the other day! The very first ticket in 45 years of driving Texas roadways. Way to go Mom!

So what can you do to defend yourself against an undeserved bad driving record and inflationary insurance costs?

Some people who qualify may choose to take defensive driving. Others will attempt to go at it alone without a lawyer, hoping the cop won’t show up. Others take a more serious approach to the protection of their driving records. It is to these people that my message is directed.

Retaining the services of a ticket lawyer is like buying insurance that you will get the best possible deal from the court system.

Even the most famous and notorious criminal defense lawyers know better than to try to represent themselves in traffic court! In fact, some of them are routinely found on the docket lists of Scott Markowitz!

There is no match for having an advocate that is on the ground every day in these courts. He knows the terrain. He knows the enemy’s tactics. He knows all the escape routes.

Hopefully, the Markowitz Law Firm can be that resource for you.