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Compare Us to the Competition

The Markowitz Law Firm does NOT buy your personal information!    We know that you will receive numerous mass-mailed, personalized, direct solicitation letters from lawyers and law firms that purchased your personal information from the courts without your permission.    These traffic ticket attorneys haul in lots of business by offering temptingly low prices and thinly veiled promises.   While these insidious direct-mail solicitations can be legal as a form of free speech, it doesn’t make the practice of sending them dignified.

The Markowitz Law Firm and its principal, Scott Markowitz, ardently believe that lawyers and other professionals should build their businesses on reputation, referrals, relationships and wordofmouth.   Accordingly, we will never buy your information from a court for purposes of soliciting your business.    

Price is directly related to level of service

Lawyers and law firms sell time, expertise, experience and responsiveness to their clients.   Accordingly, they set prices based on how much time, expertise, experience and responsiveness they intend to allocate to each client.    If you choose a lawyer that charges you the bare minimum, you should expect to get the bare minimum.   The old adage remains true: “The bitterness of poor service lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price has gone away.” 

The ticket defense business is our business

The Markowitz Law Firm started in 1993 as a ticket defense firm and remains so today. Many law firms offer cheap ticket defense as a mass marketing “loss leader” to uncover more lucrative cases like defective product cases, drug litigation, accident and personal injury cases. Ticket defense becomes a sideline operation and customer service suffers as a result.

At The Markowitz Law Firm, you can be certain your case will be treated as the most important case we handle…..and it is!

You should expect great service from The Markowitz Law Firm.   Our staff of lawyers and support personnel are committed to your satisfaction.  We promise excellent service, returned phone calls, reminders of deadlines, timely answers to your calls and of course, an open door policy.